Normally, alcohol works to make people feel more mellow and relaxed. It slows down your brain, which makes some people sleepy. However, there are people who instead become loud and angry after drinking alcohol. Thus, this can make it seem like alcohol makes people more likely to commit domestic violence. But is there an actual link between alcohol and abuse?

First, it is important to understand how alcohol affects your body, especially your brain. It increases the effects of the inhibitory signaling in your brain, which decreases your reaction speed as well as your coordination. However, alcohol also makes it more difficult for you to think clearly and make rational decisions. Thus, if someone has been drinking, he or she may be less able to consider the consequences of committing domestic abuse.

In one study that looked at a group of men in the armed forces, the researchers noticed a correlation between heavier drinking and incidences of spousal abuse. However, they also noted that these heavier drinkers tended to be abusive even when not drinking. Additionally, the study found that women who drank more heavily were also more likely to be victims of abuse as compared to women who did not drink as much.

Therefore, many researchers warn against automatically associating drinking with spousal abuse. They say that this correlation can be nothing more than a coincidence, such as sunburns and eating ice cream. During the hot summer months, people are more likely to eat ice cream as well as stay out in the sun, leading to sunburns. However, this does not mean that the two are related.

Instead, researchers claim that alcoholism could be an “excuse” for abusers. For instance, they can blame their rage on drinking rather than take responsibility for the psychological issues which lead to abuse. Additionally, drinking can make people less able to perform household tasks, which bonds couples. This can later lead to arguments and fights.

Whether alcoholism and domestic violence are truly linked, spousal abuse is unacceptable. If you have been abused by your spouse, it may seem as if you are not able to escape this difficult situation. However, an attorney can help you get the legal protection that you need.


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