Many women who are in abusive relationships seems to stick to their abusive partners regardless of domestic violence. You and I wonder what makes it difficult for the women to just walk away and stay a violence-free lives. If you ask them, they will give you very practical emotional and social factors. Among myths surrounding domestic violence is that it only happens to poor women. This is not true because we have seen women from both wealthy and poor backgrounds experiencing domestic violence. I agree that income levels affect how the victims respond but they do not in any way affect whether you are abused or not. Low income earning women fear to report cases to the respective organizations in fear of losing any financial support from the abusive partner.

On the other hand, poor women receive more attention when they visit domestic violence helping agencies. Middle class women shy away from seeking help because they do not want to compromise their partner’s career. They fear embarrassment when violence is disclosed. Another one among myths surrounding domestic violence is that alcohol is a big cause of domestic violence. This is not true because we know that there are many men who take a lot of alcohol and yet they are not violent to their lovers. It is also evident that many men who are abusive do not drink. It might be a trigger to violence but it is not a cause in any way. The two problems of domestic violence and over drinking can coexist but none is a cause of the other.

It is always among myths surrounding domestic violence that the victims must have done something bad to trigger the violence or deserve it. Women are nagging yes, but that does not guarantee abuse. Men who are violent claim to be provoked to the breaking point. A reliable research has revealed that being violent or not is matter of choice. It depends more on the man’s behavior than the woman. The victims are usually very careful not to trigger more violence and so they do all they can for the sake of peace. Common sense dictates that violence can never be a solution to relationship problems. Nobody should abuse no matter the provocation.

Among the most incorrect myths surrounding domestic violence is that men who abuse women were abused in some stage in life. According to extensive research many people who grew up in violent homes try their best to set up peaceful homes. They are careful to resolve relationship conflicts in more mature ways. There are few cases where children affected by domestic violence form repetitive behavior. But the majority have a great determination to rebuke the behavior. Violent men can change if they get dedicated to it. Only men who like to avoid responsibility of their violent behavior that blame it on their childhood. Abusers are usually aware of their actions because they usually do it in private and on the covered parts of the body.


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