Domestic violence can occur for such a wide number of reasons and to any type of person, the problems may seem incomprehensibly broad to attempt to understand. However, violence generally serves as a means to an ends, and outbursts of domestic abuse are generally no exception. In most instances, an abuser is attempting to exert control or power over their victims. In some cases, this may be a parent striking a child to prove dominance. Whatever the specific means are, this desire for control is usually to blame.

There are many different types of abuse, each being carried out by some basic methods of abusing another person. In order to recognize abuse for what it really is, these destructive behaviors must be properly recognized in their own right. The most obvious form of abuse is outright dominance. Striking, biting, or otherwise injuring another person through violence is a prime example of exerting dominance. Often tied to this tactic, intimidation can become a common part of domestic violence.

A humiliation factor may be sought after if a person does not want their partner, child, or relative to feel more powerful. In terms of psychological or sexual abuse, humiliation can be a common goal to achieve control or power over another person. This often is coupled with other tactics, such as threatening someone with further humiliation.

Isolation is another major concern during abuse. If a person can neglect or push around another person enough, the result may be intense feelings of isolation. This makes the abuser the only other link the victim has to the world, giving them almost completely control over that victim’s life. Used with other types of abuse, an attempt to isolate a person may persuade them not to contact the authorities for help.

To learn more about domestic violence and legal options for victims, contact a family law attorney.


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