Violence the big question is why do people react so readily to fear? It’s the main weapon for making sales worldwide. Building a platform whereby one expects to miss out on something if immediate action is not taken is one way to win a client over and it’s what religions are based on. Fear generated by violence and threats of hell and damnation forever in a fiery oven works and it has been the way of gaining audiences for millennia.

Violence insurance is sold on need and to create that need one must see that without it their lives hang in the balance. Religious promises of heaven as opposed to hell fulfil that requirement. The thought of an eternity of burning is horrendous and it can even drive some mad. Mental illness is often triggered by this false claim.

Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit of the Universe it commissioned me to tear down the barrier of falsehood that religions thrive on and bring in the harvest. It poured in the knowledge required to condition the world and present a new teaching that overrides them and to bring down the two beasts of Revelation.

We are in the last days when certain things were promised. The Internet, for instance, is the Mountain of God that was prophesied to appear at this time (Micah 4:1). That has been missed by the majority who have no knowledge of its importance. It is the Mt. Zion that is pouring out the facts and a new teaching.

Those besotted with fear and who refuse to look at the possibilities that religions are wrong show the power that religions generate. They believe in the myths taught to them from early childhood and no amount of persuasion works to override them. That demonstrates why fear and violence are weapons of power.

Reincarnation is fact and the spike in population proves that everyone who has lived is returning. They are looking to the Mountain of God for answers and the light is spreading to tear down the wall of blindness.


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