In today’s increasingly violent world, workplace violence has come to the forefront for human resources managers, as-well-as risk management and crisis management directors. More and more companies are realizing that their plans for dealing with violence in the workplace are missing the necessary training to help employees avoid, escape from, or survive an actual workplace violence attack. This article not only sheds light on the number one problem that these concerned managers and executives face in their attempt to provide this critical and life-saving training, but also the best way to guarantee you get what you need.

Current statistics paint a grim picture of the state of today’s workplaces. While many people believe that workplace violence is a uniquely “American-thing,” the fact is that violence in the workplace knows no cultural, ethnic, or national boundaries. I’ve personally spoken with executives, managers, administrators, and business owners from all over the world and have found that workplace violence is an international problem.

While there are still many myths circulating about workplace violence, there is a problem faced by those directors, managers, and administrators who “are” looking for solid, dependable, and workable training solutions for their employees. Regardless of whether they “Google-it,” ask for referrals, or conduct other research, the problem only seems to increase with every contact, call, or click of a mouse.

How difficult could violence be for corporate managers and leaders – people who have access to literally a world of knowledge – to find the kind of training that will protect property, save lives, and reduce, rather than increase, liability issues during a violent, physical attack in their business?

What could be their biggest problem? What could be the primary factor of violence which prevents them from taking action, and thereby allowing the clock tick down to the increased possibility of an incident occurring by, or to, one or more of their employees?

If you happen to be one of these leaders, you already know what I’m going to say. If you are not, or you have not given the problem of workplace violence much thought in your business, possibly this will give you something to think about when you decide to make this area of risk and crisis management and liability-control a importance for you and the people that you’re liable for.


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