Let’s talk about boys and your daughter, your niece, granddaughter, your students or perhaps teen girls associated with your faith base or community organizations. Consider this, the harsh reality is that teen girls of today are being subjected to dating abuse at a historic and alarming rate. Teen dating violence and sex trafficking against girls is at an all-time high, reported to affecting 1 in 4 teen girls. This dangerous statistic can result into a debilitating lifelong emotional or physical trauma, even death. There is an answer in the form of a teen violence curriculum to slow the rate of this uphill battle.

How can we help reduce or eliminate these silent epidemics? First by supplying parents, adults, and teen girls with a safeguard of an effective arsenal prevention solution. This should be implemented in a teen dating violence curriculum format for multiple venues such as; in the home, schools, community organizations, faith-based organizations.

So, what if you had access to a powerful, user-friendly, empowering plus educational tool creatively designed just for teen girls. This curriculum will assist in dialog regarding safety awareness and prevention centered around teen dating, teen dating violence, the effects of dating abuse and the pitfalls associated with sex trafficking against teen girls, that also advocates abstinence consideration.

An effective teen dating awareness and prevention series that includes human trafficking awareness curriculum model that addresses teen dating violence is the key. It should possess characteristics that can provide an approach that specifically, helps you break communication barriers regarding dating violence. It should aid girls to identify and recognize typical teen pressures and bad judgments associated with relationships, also encourages restraint from indulging in harmful behaviors. A competent curriculum can also supply teen girls with essential life skills knowledge to identify signs of abuse, how to avoid abuse before it happens and recognize predator traps such as but not limited to sex trafficking.

Most of all an efficient dating violence curriculum should be creatively designed and easy to implement with very little effort. Save that special someone in your life for life, with preparatory and life preserving knowledge. This encourages and protects teen girls from dating violence to make a difference that can drop the devastating acts of violence in relationships and build their academic performance.


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